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Why It's So Important to Know Just How Much a Partner Can Annoy You

Those bothersome traits are probably here to stay.

We get a lot of advice about what traits to look for in a partner—honesty, good conflict management, chemistry, similarity. However, we don’t often flip the script and consider what negative traits we are willing to accept and accommodate..

What Are the Differences Between Bipolar I and Bipolar II Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by fluctuations in mood and energy levels. Each person with the condition is affected differently. However, the length and intensity of manic, hypomanic, or depressive episodes will determine the type of bipolar disorder a person is diagnosed with.

Read more to learn about the types of bipolar disorder and the differences between bipolar I and bipolar II.

What Is the Difference Between Unipolar and Bipolar Depression?

When you live with mood disorders, you may experience prolonged mood episodes or significant mood changes. What does it depend on?

Suppose you’re having trouble finding pleasure in things you used to enjoy, or you find yourself constantly switching from being extremely happy to extremely sad.

How to Let Your Loved Ones Be "Good Enough"

Embrace independence, repair ruptures, and show appreciation.

It’s pretty much to be expected that the people who matter most to us also happen to be the ones with whom we spend the most time. Unfortunately, there can be a downside to getting to know someone really well. Not only do we become aware of their flaws or shortcomings, but we may hone in on them, allowing them to create emotional distance. We may even start to distort or exaggerate the negative traits of the people we love most based on our own “inner critic” or internal defenses. Basically, the closer we get to someone over a period of time, the more likely we are to trade in our rose-colored glasses for a fairly unflattering magnifying mirror. Taking this perspective is a way of trying to protect ourselves, but it paradoxically keeps us from having fulfilling relationships.

For Your Marriage to Work, Commit to Your Relationship

Creating a relationship is a process.

Marriage is a special kind of relationship in which we make a sincere commitment to both creating and maintaining this special connection. In the beginning, we are attracted to someone, perhaps enthralled with them. It’s all about who this person is that attracts us. Maybe it is chemistry. It’s not about the relationship.

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