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Dealing With Defensive Walls

What to do when havens become prisons.

Very few people escape some form of trauma in their lives. Most survive those personal tragedies by developing physical or emotional escape strategies that help them cope at the time.

Can People Recover From Bipolar Disorder?

In the pantheon of mental health disorders, one that’s not always well understood by the general public is bipolar disorder. Formerly referred to as manic-depression, bipolar disorder is a complex condition that causes a wide variety of symptoms that can lead to a lot of disruption to daily life” Bipolar disorder is a mood illness that involves episodes of elevated mood or depressed mood,” says Dr. Samar McCutcheon, a psychiatrist in the department of psychiatry and behavioral health at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus..

This is the therapy I wish I knew about when I had cancer

Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz, co-author of “Coping with Cancer,” reflects on her breast cancer journey, how she discovered dialectical behavior therapy and ways cancer patients can benefit from it.

I laughed as I told a friend about my cancer diagnosis, “No worries, I am not freaking out." I naively tried to deny any stress at the time. It was 2002 and I was desperately trying not to overreact to the “big C” that had cut my mother and grandmother’s lives short. They died long before anyone knew about the BRCA gene. Now I knew that I carried this gene that makes breast cancer up to 70 percent more likely and increases vulnerability to recurrence and other types of cancer.

The Dynamics of Anger and Resentment

How can Mr. Hyde remember what Dr. Jekyll learned in therapy?

Problem anger makes us act against our best interests and violate our deeper values. Most cases of problem anger feature brief episodes of intensity surrounded by continual resentment - a long-lasting, low-grade form of anger.

Why It's Okay to Have Different Worldviews Than Your Partner

New research challenges the idea that couples become more similar over time.

A new study calls into question a longstanding tenet of relationship science — that romantic couples exhibit convergence in their attitudes, traits, beliefs, and behaviors over time.

How Talk Therapy Can Improve Bipolar

IF YOU (OR a loved one) are among the estimated seven million people in the United States living with bipolar disorder, then you know just how life-changing treatment can be for the rollercoaster ride this condition can take you on. While medication is the first and most effective line of treatment to help steady your state of mind (and keep it there), studies show, psychotherapy (whether in a group format or individual sessions), when used in addition to medication, can have many advantages over simply taking meds alone.

Top 10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Wondering if you might be depressed? Learning the common signs of depression can help you figure out what to do next.

Depression is a mental health condition that’s often misunderstood.

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